Studio2 Installer crashing Mac

I’ve seen the threads about Big Sur, but wanted to know if anyone else was also experiencing the entire system crashing when trying to run Studio 2 (standalone or as PS plugin). I was getting the update dialog which I dismissed (since it never found one) and the program would start and hang. I tried to reinstall (I did uninstall and delete the plist) and now even the installer crashed the entire system. Any thoughts?iMac is 2019 Retina 5k 96G of Ram (which I also tested).

Yes, it happens every time for me. It’s disappointing that no-one seems to have bothered preparing much for Big Sur. Topaz have dropped the ball as well.

Thanks for the reply. I also have the Skylum issue.

Same issue with Studio 2 (Ver 2.31) - every time I try and use the program it tells me Updates Available - then cannot find any and crashes…:frowning_face:

If I say No to Updates - I can then Manipulate the image but program then crashes on Export. Big Sur on a 2019 iMac 3.7g 16 Gb RAM.