Studio Tip of the Day - Using a Radial Mask as a Spot Gradient

The Spot Mask is a very powerful part of your Masking arsenal in Studio, lets just talk about how to use it to highlight areas in you image in a way that you would with a radial gradient. Do the following:

  • Choose a color for the highlight, in this case a red tone, and click OK
  • Make sure that you select to mask from the Outside
  • Adjust your mask to you liking and then
  • Change the blend mode to either Color or Soft Light and adjust the opacity to your liking, check the differences

This screen shot shows the result of the changed color with a soft light blend mode, the original is on the bottom:


Very nice tip!

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Thanks for the tutorial, Don.

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Very cool tip and info, I will bookmark this post for future reference. Thanks Don!

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Don, great tip…thanks for sharing it. I have one thing that I was not 100 % clear on. You were applying a Color Overlay and selected the Radial Spot Tool.

I was wondering if you know whether you can stack radial filters. I use this occasionally in LR and for example in your image if I only wanted to alter the red in the center, near the stamen, could you do one radial mask. Then a second one to only alter the petals?

Any ideas are welcome as I do quite a bit of flower photography and being able to “tone” different parts of a flower would be awesome.

Yes you are right it is a color overlay and if you want to do what you are saying just use multiple color overlays and mask each.

I use this to tone different parts but remember you need to change the blend mode as Normal will just place solid color. I find soft light is usually the best.


Your Tips are great. They are something that I look forward to reading in this forum.