Studio Support for Photoshop Smart Objects

I have been using the Topaz Studio plugin today in Photoshop. I was using it on a smart object layer in order to make changes later, BUT it doesn’t seem to work with that way any more. I could make the initial adjustments, but when trying to go back in, it just bombs out. And, when cropping the image, it goes back in and then just freezes up. It has work okay in the past. Anyone else having this problem as well?

Hi, Studio doesn’t support Photoshop Smart Objects so I have switched this to a Product Feature Request for you …


Since I own Studio, is there some way I can start using the plugins?

You can use the plugins without using them as a smart object. Just call from the entries in the filters menu.

I would also like to request that Topaz Sudio start supporting Photoshop Smart Objects. I always use Topaz within Photoshop, and the plugins DO support Smart Objects; but not the Studio apps, like Detail. It’s a real pain not being able to use Detail and the other Studio apps as SO’s.

Also: You need to make it clear that Studio does not support Smart Objects. They DO half-way support it, in that if you have a Smart Object layer and attempt to open a Studio app, it opens just fine and lets you make adjustments without any warning that you won’t be able to come back and make edits later. Worse, any other filters that are run later (e.g., Adobe Camera Raw filter) on that layer also can’t be opened and edited. So running a Studio app on a Smart Object layer ruins the entire layer.


Today I realized that I can’t run Studio and my plugins as a PS smart object. This drastically changes my workflow given that I can’t return to edit a layer.

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The main reason I use your products was the Photoshop smart objects feature. When will it be available? Right no your product is useless to me.

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I’m having the same problem too. I just upgraded to Simplify in Studio after getting a new computer and Photoshop CC and without the ability to use Smart Objects in PS as I have for years, it makes the workflow ridiculous.

There is a link in this thread where you can download Simplify 3, Studio does not support Smart Objects with reuseable parameters.

Simplify 3 is not compatible with my new Mac and OSX 10.14.3 or I would use it.

I just downloaded Simplify 4 and found it works perfectly with my new computer and Photoshop CC 2019 with Smart Objects, just like Simplify 3 did on my old computer and CS5. I’m very happy now.

But, I’m really hoping Topaz Studio is attentive to the needs and wants of its customers who want its new products to work with Smart Objects. I’m not the only one who wants it. If they do that, Topaz Studio will continue to be a fantastic product.

I believe that this is a architectural issue directly connected with the use of Adobe Smart Objects and the way that studio uses internal adjustments. All other plugins have parameters and not multiple plugins in one.

If that’s the case, then I hope Simplify 4 as a plug-in stays around for a long time. Otherwise I won’t be using Topaz products.