Studio: Multi-screen/multi-window support

I have three 27" 4K monitors on my system. I can’t use more than one with Studio.
Both because Studio does not seem to be multi-window, and because it does not allow more than one instance of the app to be running.

Meaning, that while working on one image, I cannot open an older project on another monitor for comparison.
Yes, I know, I can open the old image project, save the adjustment stack as a preset, restart Studio or open with the new image and apply the unnecessarily saved preset, …

But that all seem an unnecessarily circumspect way to do something that should be as simple as working on one monitor, which keeping the older project in another window or on a different monitor for reference and visual comparison…

And with either workaround I still can’t see both images (and Studio adjustment configs) at the same time for visual comparison. :slight_smile:

I don’t think we’ll be able to spread the application across multiple screens on Mac (try it with any app like Chrome that consists of a single window). The only way to show the application on multiple monitors, would be to create floating panels, or modify the interface in some way that would allow you to assign bits of the interface to another monitor. Either approach would effectively solve your problem, and expanding the interface is on our long term schedule. It’s something we’d like to implement eventually, but is not likely to occur soon.

So, from a purely selfish perspective, I would not care if it would work on a Mac… :slight_smile:
I would never use such a thing. I am a techie and like things I can take apart, rebuild, enlarge, reconfigure, add memory to, …, … :slight_smile: (No I don’t want to start a Mac versus PC discussion. :slight_smile: )

Opening as independent app instances on separate monitors, or individual movable windows/tabs (ala Photoshop, Painter, and others) would work too…

When I on occasion run separate floating panels off on different monitors in apps that allow it, it usually gets somewhat confusing, anyway. Mostly because most apps that claim to allow it really are not fully in control of it.
The only app that seem to do it really well is Photoshop, where sometimes I throw things like the Navigator or brush panels off on a different monitor for easy access or larger view. Leaving the image workspace larger and higher magnification.

But usually I move them back into their normal positions, when I suddenly start hunting for “where the heck did that go NOW”… There is a benefit to things staying where you are used to finding them (relative to the image). :slight_smile:

My main concern is being able to open multiple projects at a time without Studio yelling at me about “Only one instance at a time”, and to be able to compare them “online”… :slight_smile:

The multiple subsequent photo workflow is being worked on in development :slight_smile: