Studio impression - batch breaking but close ( HELP!)

I can batch process topaz impression in Photoshop (by making an action which calls impression plugin and then running file/automate/ batch with that action on a series of images in a folder) - I have been doing this for years. Unfortunately this does not work in Studio Impression - while it runs the batch file on ALl images only the first images uses the correct selected effect in Impression all subsequent images revert to the (default?) Impression Workflow style. An obvioius bug.

This is a bug and I wish they would fix it ( I was told that currently batch is not supported in studio which sucks), but I was wondering if anyone knew a way around this - like is it defaulting to Impression Workflow because it is the top effect - can I cheat and move the current effect I want to the top so it my revert to that every time. Any other ideas? Topaz Studio is great for doing effects on a series of image frames - to make video animations - like regular Topaz is - it would be a shame not to have this feature which of course works for every Photoshop plugin.

any suggestions appreciated - even advanced scripting


I’m having the exact same problem. have you found a solution to this yet?

I just wanted to say I made a video in PS CC 2018 but with Topaz Clean 3. I made a GTA poster style video. I want to make more video animation stuff. I did it by batch rendering in PS and it cutting out every 500 frames, its frustrating as there were over 10,000 frames.

This is my video…