Studio - Engine speed and histogram

Just finished playing with a trial copy of DxO PhotoLab Elite. Had some nice features, but not worth $200! What I did like the best was the speed of their engine. As you moved the sliders, the result was instantaneous. With Studio, a lag is noticed while it processes your change. Anything in the works to fix this? Also, how about adding a histogram in the panel. Would like to see the luminance distribution when changing exposure or white point. Or is there an option that I’m missing?

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There’s a histogram in the top right corner.

As I can see if you are doing Basic Adjustments on a RAW file the changes are instantaneous … Studio is a Graphics rendering application and, as such, needs the GPU to make effects faster when applying graphics intensive adjustments such as Impression, Glow, Edges, Radiance etc… DXO is only a RAW processor.

Topaz Labs are continuously looking at ways to increase the speed of update.

While some features of DxO Photolab Eilte are available only for RAW files, it will also process TIFF, JPEG, and DNG files.

The point was that DXO is not a graphics program as mentioned in my post … not that it processes pixel based files. The point is that for basic effects it is fast, and for graphics effects is renders slower. DXO doesn’t have any graphics effects.