Studio doesn't automatically correct chromatic aberration

The correct camera and lens profile is shown when I click on the “Lens” tool, and the “Auto Raw image profile correction” is turned on (as by default), but chromatic aberration is still present. Anybody know why? If I turn the auto correction off and move the “Defringe R Channel” slider to the right a bit I can get rid of it, but why should this be necessary? Adobe’s camera raw handles this correction, based on a profile, without issue. Is this an issue with the lens profile built into Studio?

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing as most lens corrections have an automatic defringing to remove Chromatic Aberrations but may not remove all in high contrast images.

Note that camera raw removes the color fringe based on your lens’ make and model, but you still need to select the remove chromatic aberration check box. However, if for some reason the image still needs more correction then you need to get rid of the fringe manually by clicking on the Manual tab and using the sliders in the Defringe section.

Hi Don,

Yes, I’m well aware of how ACR works and you will see in the ACR screenshot that “Remove Chromatic Aberration” is checked. You will also see in Studio screenshot that the camera body and lens profile are chosen with Auto ON, but the chromatic aberration is still there. I don’t see a “Remove Chromatic Aberration” checkbox in Studio. Am I missing it? If not, is it possible to have the lens profile active and, at the same time, correct the chromatic aberration?

I should probably mention that all I did in Studio was open the raw file.

Just select auto-adjust off and remove the fringing by adjusting the sliders … It adds to the the automatic conversions as it does in ACR.

So, just to be clear…

If I have “Auto Raw image profile correction” in Studio turned OFF, the software will still correct for things like lens distortion, vignetting, etc? If yes, what is the point of auto?


Yes, I believe so, occasionally I also have to adjust the CAs for some of the lenses I have like the sigma 12-24 which has problems with CAs.

I think that the point of auto is that it is basic corrections and it doesn’t correct all problems.

Ok, thanks!

Update for anyone who might like to know…

If you turn the auto profile correction OFF to allow manual correction of Chromatic Aberration, Studio does not provide other lens corrections such as distortion, vignetting, etc. You will have to adjust for these parameters via the manual controls. Near as I can tell, you can’t have both lens correction and chromatic aberration correction at the same time. Since this is very common functionality for most raw converters and photo editing software nowadays, I have forwarded a request to Topaz Technical Support asking if this functionality will be forthcoming.