Studio Default Save-as Options

Is there any way to tweak the registry to change the default “Save as” options? I’m looking at the compression and color profile options.


I guess you are talking about Topaz Studio?

If so there is no way at the moment but it has been put forward as a Product Enhancement request already.

[AiDon] AiDon Don Moderator
April 18

I guess you are talking about Topaz Studio?

Sorry, I thought there was only one Topaz product named Studio.

If so there is no way at the moment but it has been put forward as a
Product Enhancement request already.

Okay, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I did manage to change the default
save-as filename from TIFF to TIF (makes it easier to group files). I
was hoping there was something similar for compression and color profile.

Thanks for the response.


Hello George, another QIU & AP user here, drifting away from LR to ACDsee.
I remember your recent post wanting the aRGB option. I almost chimed into that one with a pleas for a Save As jpg with the color space options, but didn’t.
Then a short time later came the new Save As options with 1.92.
I let out a definite yippee, but not a peep on the forums from anyone.
Are you not using the latest version1.93, or am I misunderstanding yours and Dons posts?


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I think I was one who wanted this. I have rolled back as I was finding it a hassle having that box you pictured popping up every time I wanted to save a version of the same thing in a different version title.
I personally would find it great if these were all defaults settable in Preferences ie Color Profile, destination file location, quality.and resolution in ppi.
If not, at least let it come up with the last settings inputted.

Yes, I have v1.93. I DO like the new save-as options. But I’m looking for changing the defaults.

For ex.- I save as a TIFF, but Topaz Studio is the only program I use that defaults to TIFF instead of TIF. ViewNX2, OV3, Affinity Photo all use .tif. However, by editing the registry, I was able to make TS save as TIF (one F).

I would really like to save as AdobeRGB by default, as that is how my camera files are produced, and works with the rest of my workflow.

Also, no compression as a default.

I originally brought this up sometime last August, but progress is slow.

But 1.93 is progress. Keyboarders like myself are still unable to navigate the save-as dialogue using the keyboard only.

Fingers remaining crossed!



Yes! I would be happy with the last settings used. Better than what we have now.

The file naming options may be a tricky one for the programmers to develop a suitable method that would make everyone happy.

I’ll settle for the other save-as fixes.