Studio "Classic" and older plugins

Hi All

I was looking to edit a photo in Classic Studio which I keep because I was preserving access to my older plugins. I use and like Studio 2, but sometimes I am looking for an effect I need the older plugins for. In particular I use ReStyle (strangely a product that was never developed beyond 1.0.0). I thought I recalled using those older plugins from within Studio 1 - but I can’t find the menu item now. Am I misremembering, am I missing something, has a recent update broken it… anyone know?

They are all there with mine. On the top bar. I have the latest version of the original Studio.

Any plugins you own that are installed on your PC will be available from the Plugins menu …

@worminger Martin, although by no means the same as Restyle - Color Theme filter does offer something similar regarding re-colouring images

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Thanks Don; that’s what I remember. However there was no “plugins” menu item in Studio 1 when I ran it, although it seemed fine in all other respects. Anyway - I uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s all good now, the plugin in menu item now appears. Thanks for your response.

Sharon, Colour Theme - I have tinkered, but there are some fabulous themes in ReStyle, and doing it myself in Coloraturas Theme doesn’t work as well for me. Maybe I should learn to use it better…!

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