Studio 2 - Rotating an image breaks masking with a brush, spot and gradient

There is a serious problem in Studio 2. Rotating an image causes issues when masking with a brush, point and gradient. All strokes/positions are tilted and displaced in comparison to the cursor position.

Brush is definitely the worst, because you don’t know where the brush stroke will end up and you can only approximate, while with spot and gradient there is still a way to get the result you’re after.

When reproducing please try masking on the edges, because that’s where the displacement is the biggest.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • File format doesn’t matter.
  • The more you rotate the bigger the displacement.
  • Rotating already existing masks works correctly (only brush strokes created after rotating are displaced).
  • Yes, I know I can rotate the image after it’s done or save and reopen the rotated file before I start working on it, but this is an unnecessary hassle and the problem will affect a lot of users.

Please post your OS details, go to Help-> Graphics info and press Copy and post the info here.