Studio 2 Output Looks Different - Smudge Filter

Hi there. I’m working with a large image file size (5,000px on the smallest side) and I’ve built a gorgeous finished product. However, when I export and save and then open up the image in Photoshop, that output looks different…pixelated, as if it was saved at a smaller size and then blown back up. This happens whether I use Studio 2 standalone or as a Photoshop plugin and it happens regardless of output format (.tiff or .png) and color space (sRGB or AdobeRGB). I’m not sure what is happening here, but at this point Studio 2 has become unusable to me if I can’t get the results from one place to look the same in another.

I did some forum searching and came across a similar complaint on the older Studio 1, and the culprit there was the Smudge filter…which by process of elimination appears to my problem here as well (the Soft Melt look in particular).

Here is a 100% crop from Studio 2 of the Soft Melt filter -

And here is a 100% crop of the output (this was an uncompressed .tiff) when opened in Photoshop -

And of course on these small web-displayed screenshots, they look almost identical…but when the piece is viewed at 100%, you can totally see the massive downgrade in image quality.


As I suspected, I had to downsample the image before going into Tapaz Studio 2. I’m not sure why…but when I downsampled to my monitor resolution (3840 x 2160), the output was no longer pixelated. This is disappointing, and I hope there is another solution, as my finished pieces are usually 5,000px on the smallest side. I then only downsample the finished product for web viewing.

If anybody has any ideas, please let me know…I don’t understand why it seems like that Smudge filter doesn’t like super large resolutions.