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This is sad thusfar. Much more could be done with the original Topaz Studio. There were vastly more “looks” to add and they were more easily modified and adjusted. I will be sticking to the original product until this is markedly improved. The interface allowing for stacking of effects is nice, but until there are better effects it is not very useful. Generally, Topaz improves its products as time goes on, so there is hope.


Ya, I got the message regarding the “complimentary” copy, but then really started to see a flood of problem posts.

I can wait.

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I love Topaz Studio 1, but I understand the progress and future benefits of Studio 2.

Studio 2 will be amazing when the updates happen. Especially when masking in Studio 2 is able to be copied from one filter to another in order to save time having to carefully paint a mask (or copy and reverse it).

So in the meantime, I am using both Studio 1 and Studio 2. My reason is that Studio 2 is much faster for editing. Another benefit is to get used to Studio 2 interface and to start developing my own custom “Looks” (presets) in Studio 2.

I am hopeful that future releases will include: the histogram (as one needs to watch this while editing) and the healing brush (which was most useful in Studio 1) and ability to copy masks from one filter to the next.

My workflow is to heal and denies before Studio 2, then edit in Studio 2, then export to a folder for import to Studio 1 - where i can then use all of the following: presets, topaz plugins, my presets, mask copying, histogram, and image composites.

If Topaz include the above mentioned features in the reasonable future, it will be awesome. In the meantime i am loving working with both and don’t mind the extra round trip in the interim.

I hope this is useful to others.

Many of your questions are answered here: Features Roadmap

and Here.

Why did you release Studio 2 when it is not ready for prime time?

I for one did a uninstall of Studio 1 after the installation of Studio 2, only to realize that half the functionality was not available in the new version. Mmm, not impressed…


were you able to re download Studio 1? I have tried but can no longer get it to open . I can not use studio2 in the manner i used studio 1, which was to make composites of my own images. or if there is a way to still do that, i do not see how.

I’m like you. I use both Studio 1 and 2-- and, for about the same reasons as you. And, like you, I see the future in Studio 2 if they can quickly add the features of Studio 1 (all of them!!!) and then build on to them with the newer stuff.

No, we can not make composites yet using TS2 in standalone mode. I am also anxious for image layers to be added.


I cant find anywhere that allow me to batch process on studio 2. I am having problems batch processing on studio 1 and i cant find the tutorial. wow this topaz has gotten to be stressful to figure thing out so much confusion…

Studio 1 is still on the legacy download list. have you tried that? Link is…

I can get it to load but will it not open.

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‘Much more could be done with the original Topaz Studio. There were vastly more “looks” to add and they were more easily modified and adjusted’

I so agree. Studio 2 was (and is) simply a one off. Something Topaz should be rightly proud of. Open a mundane snap. Play around, click on a few things and you’re off on an adventure tp produce something whatever idea you might have, however vague. Just an idea of what you want to do, it just presents you with all it’s tools to do it in such a way that leaves you gaping in wonder at what you can and will, come up with and how it stimulates your perhaps neglected imagination. Just don’t start this late in the evening because you’ll still be playing with this rock solid product at 4am.

I’d willingly pay for further development of this so original, wonderful product that allowed us all to discover and use our individual creative selves, no matter the starting point. It’s the very essence of what Topaz is.

AI? What is the natural progression of this?

1: Insert photograph/artwork. 2: wait. 3: get back a perfectly produced stirile result which you had no part in creating , a perfect clone just like of millions of others.