Studio 2 - No Looks available

Just download the trial version of Studio 2 on my Mac running Catalina OS. When I click on the Add View icon, there are no views at all. Is this a bug or because it is a trial version? The Filters are all there, just no Views. Thanks.

Please don’t just post anywhere as it will get lost, raise a thread with a proper headline … I also suspect that you mean ‘Add Look’ not add view.

if it is Looks then i also see a post on Facebook stating the same issue. Just make sure you have the correct access to the folders where the resources are located for the application.

Open an image then click Add Look and nothing appears. Downloaded the Windows version and it works just fine.

I’m having the same problem with a paid version. On the same iMac, I have a family account and my account. Installed Studio in the family account making sure to put the app and resource folders in the system library and shared user folders. Looks and Filters show up in the family account, but only Filters show up in my account - not Looks.