Studio 2 Custom crop ratios

In Studio 1, selecting the preset "“Custom” in the crop tool opened a dialogue where the user could enter their own crop Aspect Ratio, which was automatically saved into the preset list and could then be selected at any time.

Whilst perhaps it wasn’t without some foibles, I did find it useful.

Now maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t find any provision in Studio 2 to enter my own custom ratio, or have them saved.

Yes there is a Custom selection in the Aspect Ratio preselect list, but that only allows me to use custom Width/height ratio in either pixels or percent.
I haven’t found a way to enter a custom ratio, for instance 210:297 or 297:210 for A4 size or have a custom ratio saved.

Can anyone perhaps shed some light on this?


I have shifter this to Product Feature requests as what you are looking for is a Aspect Ratio rather than a Pixel/Percent width/height as was in Studio 1.

Thanks Don.
Incidentally, I have raised a support request (188240)