Studio 2 crop tool

In Topaz Studio (orig), if I use the crop tool and then save the file, I can get the output to be a.tiff file, and the resolution to be 300 ppi. Butin Topaz Studio 2, I can’t find a way to get the resolution to be what I want. The exported image (if I started with a .jpg) is always 72 ppi.

Is there a setting where I can tell it to be 300 ppi?

No there isn’t but it isn’t really relevant as it only applies to printing, if you really want to change it just use a product like PS, AP, or any other pixel editor … LR, Capture One, ON1 etc., if you have and just resize the image without resampling.

Thanks Don. I guess I can always use Gigapixel AI. I understand why it is set this way, but I still prefer to size my pics early and the original Studio did let me do that.