Studio 2 - Cannot Validate Ownership

@AiDon…I have downloaded the new Studio, tried to put in email address and password, but it wouldn’t take it. Changed the password and wouldn’t take the new one either. I’m a bit frustrated as I’m finally getting a handle on my back pain and hoped to participate more again. Could you clue me in somehow? I tried the ‘help’ but it didn’t.

Hi Tennis nice to see you back again. I haven’t seen that issue coming up,

Firstly did you receive a email offering the update and is that the user email used for all your other products?

I guess you are able to enter your email and password so I can only recommend the basics like first reboot your PC, then reinstall and if all else fails contact support.

I’ll see if @ATharp can have a look if she has time.

I tried your suggestions and still no luck.
Put a message in tech support.

Thanks for your input,

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