Studio 2 and plug-ins like Denoise AI

It would be super nice if plug-ins like Denoise AI operated like normal studio filters. In this way we can re-edit settings. Right now the plug-in creates a new layer and the settings are fully baked. This also invalidates any re-editing of filters below the plug-in in the filter chain. The creation of a pixel layer also results in a large file size (ts2) on disk.

The code for the plug-ins could be included with Studio 2 and Studio can detect a valid installed plug-in and then let it run like a normal filter. Or have a way to activate a plug-in within Studio 2.

Something re-editable, even a PS smart object like mechanism.

Given the fact how computer demanding this plugins are, I am bit sceptical. Imagine the change on layer below and recomputing time. Even when you are directly in plugin, for tweaking you use only small portion of pic. When tweaked, the complete process will start and you can take a coffee (or ristretto :joy:)