Studio 2 and Mask AI - how to

When I choose the Mask AI plugin while in Studio 2, and make a mask, and then go back to Studio 2 with the mask, I see that the mask is there. BUT if I click on it, the mask disapears, and just the blank white rectangle is there.

The same thing happens if I open a filter after having making the mask. The mask disappears and just the blank white rectangle remains.

I am probably doing something really wrong, so could someone please tell me the proper procedure? Or maybe a link to a tutorial on how to do this properly?

I suggest raising a support request at the main website as it looks like it isn’t working correctly since the last update to Mask AI.

OK, I just did it. Thanks - I thought it was just me!:smiley:

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I did raise a support request and was told the problem is really with Studio 2, not Mask AI, but that a new release for Studio 2 won’t happen for a few months. Just in case anybody else has this problem…