Studio 1.14.3 ReMix names missing

The first 49 styles in AI ReMix - the names are missing when you mouse-over. The first style which shows its name is A Neon Rise, and the 49 before that, the small black oblong appears at the bottom with no name.

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Jack, I have 34 rows with 3 columns for 102 styles. The first style is “A Neon Rise”, there are none before that. All of my styles have a name showing when I do a mouse over. I think your database is mess up, so you might try a reset.

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Thanks for the heads up Artisan - I did a db reset, but there are still 49 unnamed styles before A Neon Rise (which starts the naming) comes up. I am on Win 10 using Studio 1.14.3

I am also on Win 10 (v1809) and Studio 1.14.3 with no issues so It may be the install.

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I’m on Windows 10 and Studio 1.14.3 and I see all 102 with names.

I had the exact same problem and did open a ticket about it. After trying everything that was suggested, which included uninstalling, reinstalling, going back to a previous version, letting Studio put things wherever it wanted (I had previously installed to my E drive, etc., nothing worked. So, FWIW, here is what I did:

In desperation, I uninstalled everything on my computer with the word “Studio” in the file, and also the tgrc file and then restored all those same files from my latest full backup to wherever they had been. That copy was the previous version of Studio. But that worked. All the tiles (from that previous version) appeared and in the correct order and with their names.

I then updated to the current version, and all the new tiles appeared correctly. The only thing that I didn’t ever get back was the complete list of presets that showed all the tile names. However, by chance, I discovered that if I use a tile that comes alphabetically after Misty Rainbow (the last one that appeared in the preset list), and save it as a preset, it does get added to the list. I tested it with several tiles, and it does work. So… it is a pain, but as I use new tiles, I will add them to the preset list by saving them and eventually will have them all again.

I don’t know if you have a correctly working backup, but if so, you might try this. Absolutely nothing else worked for me.

If you come up with a better solution, please post it as I worry that the problem will happen again, and I will have to go through the same messy stuff.

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