Strange glitches

I wanted to upscale and slow down my game recordings, but i always getting same artifacts. Also weird that sometimes they go from original to rendered (not my fault, file i uploading has no glithes whatching in def player) or magically appear on upscaled result. So i getting cool upscaled video with lines on it in different places
RTX 3060 Ti Tried OC and not
I7 11700k OC
TridentZ 16x2 OC

I’m getting a strange cross hatch pattern on some vids that gives the appears of lizard skin. I assume its an effect of softening the pixilation from deblocking, any idea how to get rid of this? Its when cleaning up low quality, highly compressed vids and all 4 models can present some level of it. Thanks!

I would recommend that you remove ALL overclocks from your system and retest. In the past VEAI has revealed problems in systems that otherwise appear perfectly stable doing other tasks (even manufacturer overclocked parts can have stability issues).