Straighten Image

Is there an easy way to straighten an image in topaz studio or a plugin to help?
Currently I’m using crop and trying to a line the it with a straight edge in the picture.

I use the crop tool too … there are also lens correction tools that can be used. I don’t find it terribly easy to use these though

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I’m assuming you don’t have access to a program like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Lightroom to do the straightening…

Like Shazzy said, you could use Tools > Crop & Rotate menu in Topaz Studio. Though it is klugey, you can make it work.

I’d suggest you use the Rule of Thirds lines in this tool set as your guideline for straightening (either to check a horizontal ‘Horizon Line’ or a vertical upright - like the side of a building).

Just pull one of the outer box lines in toward the “line” in your photo that you want to be sure is straight - as if you’re going to crop the image (but you aren’t!). Once whichever of those outer box lines you’ve pulled in is touching one end of the “line” you’d like to be straight then move your cursor out a bit to be able to use the Rotate functionality. Pull or push your image in whatever direction lets you make sure your entire “line” falls along the outer box line that you’re using as a reference.

When you’ve done that, pull your original Crop line that you’re using as a straight line reference back out to its original position so you don’t end up cropping out content you want to retain.

Then hit accept or move on to the next stage of your processing. It’s not an elegant (or the easiest) approach. It certainly isn’t automatic. But it will work! Good luck!!

It might be easier to use the Angle slider in the Crop and Rotate tool, instead of dragging with the mouse - once you’ve got the number in the box highlighted you can rotate more accurately with the up/down arrow keys (add shift to move in multiples of ten).

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Good to know. I wouldn’t usually do straightening in Topaz. But will chk that out for future ref if anyone else is interested… Hope it helps the person who originally asked!

Thank you all for the information. I’ll try out the suggestions. I have been using Corel Paintshop after I got done with them in Studio to straighten.

I ask Topaz to add some stuff to the program like Straighten Tool, Improve the Crop Tool (there is missing Portrait, Horizontal selection plus you can’t add like 8.5 x 11 because it would not take “.”), Clone Tool, erase Tool and good printing section.
They told me long time ago that they would but this never happen up to today.
Too Bad that because of those things you need to use some other programs…