Storm on TRR - Rocky Mtn NP


On my way back from a Buena Vista, CO last Sunday, I decided to drive home via Trail Ridge Road (TRR) through Rocky Mtn NP. Though the weather was nice all the way to the park, my passage over TRR was under dark, rainy skies. This image is from a pull out along the way down. The rain was starting to get slushy, and I used a shield to keep the front of my lens dry. The tundra was showing its fall colors. Basic processing in LR, then into PhotoFX where I used Adjust, created a luminosity mask with B&W Effects that I applied to the Adjust layer, and back to LR for export.

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Beautiful shot and very natural processing. Glad you were able to go on trail ridge before it closed for the season - we went at the beginning of the season this year and had similar weather!

Thanks Ken. @KenKv

I wanted to hang around up there a while, since it seemed like it would clear up in the afternoon. But I wanted to get down to Bear Lake area and hike a bit too. And once the rain started to thicken to slush, I figured it was best to leave; TRR is not the place to be when the road starts getting slippery. :scream:

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