Stop changing settings

Please stop changing the settings between versions. It is frustrating to find settings changed. Just stop it!!!

I agree, they keep changing my logging setting… and others…yep! stop it.

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Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one who felt this way.

It is aggravating beyond words to need to work, where upscaling is the first step in a laundry list of steps, only to open Photo AI after EVERY SINGLE UPDATE to see that once again, they have completely revamped the GUI and options.

This should be the easiest part of my project; upscaling images. Isn’t that what Photo AI is supposed to do? Make this easy?

Instead, I am hunting for options and sliders that were there before and have been moved or hidden.

If Photoshop, After Effects, Blender, etc., did this I would lose my mind.

Just lay out all the options with sliders in clear view.

Oh, also please stop trying to have an “easy” button. As far as I know, Photo AI can’t read my mind, so it doesn’t have a clue how I want this photo to look. So how about you let me handle the settings?

I couldn’t figure out why my images were looking so soft, until I realized that upscale now also included denoise… so when I added denoise separately, it was double the effect.

I don’t know how other professionals work, but when I work, I want to get in and get it done.

These constant GUI and settings changes are a completely unnecessary speed bump.

Add and update features, certainly. Move / hide options and features? No please.


Yes! Its so annoying to see that Topaz like so many others follow the new and senseless trend to enlagre the amount of clicks to get things done. Why must I now klick several times to open and close palettes that on top will occupy space on my monitor and disturb the view? Who invented this? You are going to make a good simple to use tool annoying and stealing time of professional users. To make matters worse, the clarity within the individual filters has also become worse. Where I previously had all the AI ​​models to choose from at a glance, I now have to click around. This is not a professional workflow and is an absolute deterioration!


I agree. Why, Topaz, why? Just leave well enough alone so we can work.

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