Stillwater River at Woodbine, Montana

A misnamed river for sure, at least in its turbulent exit from the Beartooth Mountains. A three-shot bracketed image with a good deal of editing to bring out both highlight and shadow detail.


I love this capture but if it were mine I would raise the exposure slightly and make a slight adjustment on the GAMA . It would really improve the image . I did so in PS but I won’t post it without permission .

I appreciate your input, Ron, but the suggested change in editing is simply arbitrary: ten different photographers would produce ten different results. I won’t defend and explain my edit other than to say it was thoughtfully processed to please my personal aesthetic. And since no two monitors are the same, you may be viewing a slightly (or vastly) different image than I am.

A very beautiful image and I love the look of the fast moving water.


Beautiful image, make me wish I were there…