Still showing as 72 PPI after processing

I have some files that are still showing up as 72 ppi even after processing. I have the out put resolution set as 300 ppi but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be changing. I would welcome your thoughts


Are you using upscaling on those files? The output resolution preference is tied to the use of the upscaling filter.

the ppi attached to the image are missleading. they refer to the output device, not to the image. the image still has a fixed pixel size.

I had previously upscaled that image, yes.

Does that mean it probably does have a higher ppi?

Not sure what’s happening then. My output files are following the preference as I’ve set it.

ppi is only useful for setting print size in documents (how big the image is on the printed page), which you can override in the software your using anyway.

It’s actually for digital downloads that may be purchased by other people. Most of my images are showing up as 240 ppi but I just don’t want people getting something at a lesser quality from the others.

If you don’t think it’s an issue then that’s great.

The important aspect is the actual pixel dimensions (4630 x 2595 in your example).

So that should be good enough for printing in most cases, shouldn’t it?

You can easily print that to about 15 inches on the longest edge for a print your holding in your hand. Much larger prints would depend on expected viewing distances.

Excellent. Thanks

The image itself is x pixels wide and y pixels tall. The pixels per inch refer to your monitor. It is a theoretical size that enables you to make the image look in a specific size on a specific monitor. For example you want an image to be 10 inches wide on your monitor. If your monitor has a pixel density of 72 pixels per inch and you enlarge/shrink the image to 72 pixels per inch it will have the exact size on your monitor. Anyway the image itself has only a fixed pixel size wide and tall. if you put it into a monitor with a different ppi it will be shown in the “wrong” size.