Stdin/stdout support

Dear developers:
Can you bring back the CLI version of VEAI? My workflow is partly in command line and stdin/stdout of VEAI will help me a lot.

I sometimes use other programs that can output to stdout, I need to use VEAI to process them, the only way I can do is to save to lossless tiff then use VEAI to output 16bit tiff, finally use ffmpeg to make a video. Sometimes my disk is not enough for that much lossless image files.

If stdin and stdout is supported, my workflow would be much easier and efficient. Hope this can be added in the future.

For example /Applications/Topaz\ Labs\ LLC/Topaz\ Video\ Enhance\\ Video\ Enhance\ AI -i -m ahq-12 -s 2 -o - -f uint8 | ffmpeg -f rawvideo -r 30 -s 3840x2160 -pix_fmt rgb24 -i - -c:v libx265
I’d like to output 16-bit rgb and encode to yuv422p12le.

the developper already replied to this question, the Cli will be normally back in the next version due to the change of VEAI video engine.

My main suggestion was stdin and stdout raw frames

can reply only about the cli, don’t know for the other part sorry.