"Static Noise" created when upscaling

Hello everyone! I’ve posted this question a couple times before, but I didn’t get any real help or answers. This time I’ve decided to upload some images and show my problem. So, here’s my problem. First I take a black and white video I have and process it through Neat Video, as Neat Video’s noise reduction capabilities are far better than VEAI. Here’s the video (an image from the video) before noise reduction through Neat Video. You may have to download the images and zoom in to see what I’m talking about.

Now here is the video after Neat Video.

As you can see, Neat Video did a fantastic job. Now here is the video processed through VEAI using Proteus v2 (Proteus is the best as realism, in my opinion) with the only settings being Revert Compression at 35. I don’t need to add Reduce Noise as I did so with Neat Video. Also, the Add Grain filter is turned off.

If you look at the old lady’s right shoulder and the rest of her dress, you will see some sort of greenish-purple noise has been created in the dark areas. What I want to know is why? Proteus v3 doesn’t fix the problem and I won’t use any other model except Proteus. Could someone or a VEAI developer help me out?

EDIT: Here’s a close up of the problem:

hi, I don’t see a green or purple noise, but a deformed noise anyway. but it’s probably because of the compression to 35 right? tries to lower the compression.

I’ll try it tomorrow and get back to you.

This did not work, and besides, I need to revert the compression in this video. Anybody know a solution?

What is your ultimate outcome?

Are you using VEAI to up-convert to a higher resolution? Or use it to clean the video with no change in resolution.

You can’t compare NEAT video with VEIA. They are different tools.