Started using FlowFrames and there are no motion artifacts

…Unlike with Chronos; to be sure, Chronos is much, much cleaner than optical flow by a country mile as it completely does away with the wave artifacts (But not the motion blurring artifacts) while still keeping the motion smooth, however, the best solution I have seen is with FlowFrames.

Yet to be fair Chronos is still new to VEAI, and I want to see it surpass FlowFrame’s performance as I’m both invested in VEAI and would love to have this tech under one program, seriously, Chronos is a great addition to VEAI, and I want to see it grow!

Sad to say that my SVP4 Pro is now obsolete unless they re-vamp their RIFE method!

I am surprised that flowframes is the alternative told all over again while nobody mentioned the smooth video project which can fluid video in real time also.

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Yep, it was the first interpolation program that I bought!

The only downside is that you have to trade motion smoothness with fewer artifacts, but with Chronos, you don’t have that issue, yet it is FlowFrames that nearly got rid of all the artifacts, and kept the smooth motion!

That’s why I want to see Chronos have the same solution as I love what VEAI is doing with their picture/video restoration!

But even if Chronos does get rid of the artifacts, there’s still an issue with not being able to get rid of dupe frames, as that tends to undermine the smooth motion results altogether!

For sure FlowFrames is great. FlowFrames > Chronos > SVP imo.

Let’s see how development continues to progress.

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I completely agree with you. I must say I like FlowFrames but it is not perfect. I’m working on doing Fist Of The North Star to 60FPS and I was using FlowFrames for that until I got to an episode where it started to create ghost images inside other scenes so badly and even De-Duplication did not help so I used Chronos and I was amazed because it went very smoothly. I do hope for the development of this model to continue because frankly interpolation using AI is a must.

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It is indeed an incredible invention and its existence makes video restoration such a fun job whereas before, most of it was impossible so you had to simply be stuck with the limitations… LoL, I remember having to edit VHS videos, using dual tape decks!

I for one cannot wait to try out the next beta!

Wait, SVP uses RIFE? So confused. I think of RIFE as the 2nd gen thing from the DAIN people. Does RIFE stand for something? Wild.

RIFE is kind of the best for my use case. Will have to check out FlowFrames now.

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