Star Trails Anza Borrego Desert

First evenings product of star trails shooting. Image is final product of 28 ea 4 minute exposures over 90 minutes @ f/4. Sigma 24 mm f/1.4 lens Anza Borrego is 4 hrs SE of Los Angeles, and is a premier dark skies region. The Scorpion in the foreground is welded metal and is about 25’ long. You can see the supports on its legs. Exposure adjustment in Lightroom Classic CC, images combined from layers to final result in Photoshop CC with Topaz DeNoise

Photographing star trails is exhausting; you set the intervalometer for what you want, hit start and sit there in the camp chair staring at the dome of stars overhead for 1½ hours.


Great photography and processing !

Creative work …

Well, well, WELL worth the wait! I’m so glad you bit the bullet and did this one for us Rob. Now you have me thinking about going out and doing it too. I think I’ll wait for a weather shift though. Keep up the great photography.

True. I did check the forecast for Anza Borrego, and 23 deg F is a bit too cold for me. I’m waiting for June-July when its warmer and the Milky Way is out.