Spider Lily

So Hurricane Lane is slowly moving west as it moves north. Moving to the west away from Kailua Kona is certainly a good thing. As a result, we are now in a state of a Tropical Storm Warning. That said, it is raining hard, but without any wind. It is raining so hard that I had to turn up the volume on the tunes. I’m starting to breath easier but I don’t think the other islands are out of the woods yet. Anyway it looks like a good day to hang out in the studio and be creative. Lucky me!


Glad to hear things are getting better and just hope you don’t lose power so you can continue creating your images. Hang in there and stay safe. Is this your first Hurricane experience on the Island, I’ve heard they are rare occurrences for the Hawaiian Islands?

Hi John. So Hurricanes and Tropical Depressions are not rare here. It is rare for them to make landfall. Typically they brush by us, going to the NE or SW of the island chain. Iniki in 1992 was the worst, making landfall on Kauai. Hawaii is in the middle of the pacific ocean and is the most isolated place on the planet. I’m always amazed how many brushes we’ve had but it’s like the islands figure out a way to push them away. That said, when I say brushes, I mean to say someplace somewhere typically gets hammered with the outer bands that bring wind and rain. Here is a list of those that I can recall. Flossie Felicia, ISELLE, Ana, Hilda, Kilo, Loke, Ignacio, Jimena, Nial, Celia, Darby, Madeline, Lester, and Hector. Last night I saw a news clip of a house that had recently been completed with a river flowing through the middle of it. Very very sad. Location, Location Location - right?


Good luck with the storm!

Excellent job combining the fine details with impressionist processing!

looks really nice against the dark background