Speed/Quality slider in Remove Tool

What is the specification for the Speed/Quality slider in the Remove Tool?

Ie. if I want “Full Speed Ahead”, should I slide it all the way to the left? Or to the right?

Likewise, if I want “Speed be damned, I want the best result possible”? Left or Right?

If the answer is “Left” and “Right”, respectively, might I suggest that you move the word “Quality” to the far right of the slider, so you get a visual indication, that “Speed is left” and “Quality is Right”

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion :slight_smile:

The Speed / Quality controls the amount of processing time the model will spend generating a new background for your image. Higher quality takes more time and the amount of time depends on your hardware.

When you move the slider to the left you can think of this as increasing both the Quality thus increasing the time and lowering the Speed of processing.

My experience is the opposite - if I move the slider all the way to the right, it takes considerably longer to process, thus increasing the quality (I presume).

Could you check your information, please, and report back what the correct usage is?

You are correct but the processing speed will also be determined by your machine’s capabilities.