Space X Falcon launch

Space X launched a Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday night 10/7/2018. They had a one second launch window and not only did it go but they landed the first stage back on a pad (LZ4) that is next to the launch pad in California. This is a time exposure picture from Space X, which I enlarged in Gigapixel then ran through AI clear.


Drat! Wish I’d known about that. Even w/o time lapse they’re pretty spectacular. Thanks for the posting, certainly.

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Way cool work …

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Awesome looking image and interesting behind the scenes info.

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To Cool for School!

Here is a Youtube video on a Vandenburg, CA launch of a Space X Falcon 9 in December 2017. It creates a spectacular light show at higher altitude.

Wow, this is fascinating!

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Excellent work!