Southwestern homes (New Mexico, USA)



Beautiful homes and captures …

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I love architectural photography and these are all beautifully & artistically handled. I’m jealous!

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The top picture is the first one I took (successfully) with my new Samsung S20 + phone. I kept getting videos when I pressed the shutter button on the screen even though I had it set to photo. I finally figured out that I had to press the button twice to get a picture. The other two were taken another winter with my Sony A55 DSLR.

I have an S10+. It’s got a much better cam than my previous S6 Edge’s cam.

Gee, isn’t there some pref setting so you don’t have to tap 2x to get the still camera? That seems a bit wacky. And not something you’d wanna mess with in a fast moving grab shot situation… IMO.

BTW where are these? They have a look similar to the home a cousin in Scottsdale has…

I have looked for a setting but not found one to change it to single tap. These homes are in the NW corner of New Mexico (four corners area) where I live.