Sort input clips

After importing multiple clips into an empty import view all at once, either via drag and drop or the import dialogue, the clips are listed in apparently random sort order. I couldn’t find out what this is ruled by. With a few clips it might be acceptable, but with many clips, it’s difficult when trying to find a certain clip by name.

Does anything stand against listing the imported clips by name ascending in the import Window?

Settings to select the sort order would be a welcome add-on.

Alternatively, if the clips can be viewed as “Details” instead of icons (as in Windows Explorer), with various sort options.
i.e. size or name or type etc.

Back on this with two additional ideas. Please consider implementing the following:

  1. A mode to show the clips in the Input view as list with most relevant technical metadata: File name, frame rate, resolution and SAR/DAR.

  2. A mode to disable automatic sorting (if implemented) alongside with the ability to sort/re-arrange tiles (or items in the list) manually, e.g. in order to create groups of adjacent clips for batch runs with different parameters per group.