Somewhere between the milk and tomatoes

Mailed to my Topaz LR database from my iPhone. Blown up some with Alien Skin Blow-Up, then copied and blended with Studio


super macro shot!

Thanks @el48tel

I have a shot of a similar orchid which I used as a texture with another texture generated in Corel Painter. What was the basis for the components of the image? how did you effect the blend? I just love the effect you made here.

I cropped and enlarged the original iPhone image to 4,000 x 4,000.

Clarified it a bit in LR then uploaded it to PSCC.

Opened it in Filter/Topaz Studio
Clicked one of the Abstract filters and Clicked apply.
Now I had the original and another ‘clean’ image with the Abstract changes.
Highlighted the original image and selected another impressionist preset (perhaps Cezanne) and Applied it.

This left me with two ‘clean’ images… Abstract and Cezanne. I used one of these to create two image layers. One for the abstract image and one for the Cezanne. The blending mode was either darken or multiply and the opacity adjusted to taste. I also used a little mask brushing to smooth out a bit of the background.

I closed this image back into PSCC and applied a filter (Alien Skin) Exposure 3 for the vignette.

Very cool abstract!

many thanks @dvine