Some Upscale Advice needed

I have a few areas I am struggling to use the program properly. I know its a me Knowledge issue so maybe you can help?

  1. When I try to upscale old youtube videos I often get what I call “Paper Eyes” effects lol. Were it is upscaled but looks super creepy and fake. Is there a specific program or way to improve this?

  2. I tried to upscale 1 really great quality video. But my upscale had less detail than the original. Overall it was better but things like Blemishes and Acne were gone. Is there a specific program or way to improve this?

  3. Can this program be used to remove a “Mosaic” blurr I find on some youtube videos. Honestly they are PG so no idea why they do this in Japan.

  4. Could someone give me a brief description of how to properly use “Grain” and “Grain Size”. What do they do? Do they reduce details while cleaning up Noise?

Which AI programs are your favorite for upscaling? I think I use Artemis a lot. Ty in Advance.

For #4, it’s adding a film grain effect. The AI models can and do tend to clean out film grain. This is an option to add it back. If you like that kind of thing, it’s there for you. It will generally make the output bigger.

Artemis can be good, but they are the main models that give the “Paper Eyes” effect. Gaia, is the least likely to give any sort of artifacts like that. It’s just also the most likely to not make a noticeable enhancement on some sources.

That’s all I got. Others will have to answer your other questions.

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