Some Feature Request for AI programs and possibly others

Now that AI-Denoise has been officially realeased here are my feature requests:

1 Please understand that the various feature requests that the community has made for even the earliest AI products should really be adopted early on for all of the newer AI programs -unless they clearly do not apply.

a. Preference for pre as well as post user filenames, so we don’t have to delete and type our preferred pre or post filename settings

b. AI-Denoise, like all of the other AI programs ought to have batch capability. Yes I understand that as a Photoshop Plugin, batch processing is possible by use of Actions. However, not everyone has Photoshop (or equivalent), nor does everyone know how to create Actions. Doing this is independent of each AI program and should be super easy to add on.

2 How about standardizing the preview scaling to include 50% all the way up to 400% since a number of AI programs already include both extremes.

3 How about creating more advanced batch features. This would include loading an entire folder and allowing for independent setting for processing parameters as well as file save location.

4 Some other people have already suggested saving some of the processing parameter settings (perhaps as Preference Option because not everyone may want this) using some simple but clear code. For example Suppress Noise and Remove Blur for AI-Gigapixel -L, M, Ml, Mh, ,H (first letter is for Suppress Noise, and for Remove Blur with _ separating the two variables)
so that using Preset or Postset would look like this AI-GPix-H_Mh (High Suppress Noise, Med High Remove Blur)

Thanks for reading


+1 on #4.

I would like to see (eg) an xml file written (prefs option is ok) with the same file base_name containing something like:


whatever is least likely to collide with any other potential use of the sidecar file.

For users that don’t want this it could be defaulted to off in Prefs and they wouldn’t know the difference.

For example, in today’s Wolfson webinar, Joel used (understandably based on necessity) a kludgy work-around of putting the param values in the file-name.

We need a better method of storing this data, imo.

I would like to see a bit more attention on batch processing.

I am personally ok with using photoshop actions for this, but we really need a way to set a “default” setting in all the plug-ins so that we can simply invoke the plug-in and the default settings are what we will get applied to our image.

Since we already have the ability to save presets in (all?) Topaz products, adding an option to make a specified preset as the default should, I think, be relatively simple.

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I’m liking Denoise AI quite a lot but I would very very much like the ability to establish presets or at least for it to remember the last used setting when I open it again. I work on large numbers of action images taken in low light conditions and it’s maddening and inefficient to have to reset the sliders for each image. Being able to batch would be the optimum but at least not having to reset each time for images that are all similar in their denoise needs would be very helpful. It’s a great program, just needs a couple more helpful features.