Some AI models in Gigapixel don't work when I switch to GPU

After I updated Gigapixel to the latest version yesterday, I observed that ‘Low Resolution’ and ‘Lines’ models don’t work and produce ‘processing error’ messages. They both work fine when I switch to iGPU (Intel HD Graphics) 620.

I have updated all my drivers, but that didn’t solve anything, the issue still occurs.

System information:
Topaz Gigapixel AI Version 5.7.0
My GPU is NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
Windows 10 64-bit, compilation 19043.1288

Switch to the 940MX as the GPU under Performance and then go to Help, Graphics info., press Copy and then paste the info here.

Application & Version: Topaz Gigapixel AI Version 5.7.0

Operating System: Windows 10 Version 2009

Graphics Hardware: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX/PCIe/SSE2

OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 472.12

CPU RAM: 12157 MB

Video RAM: 2048 MB

Preview Limit: 4274 Pixels

2 Gb VRAM is so minimum - you’d be better with at least 4 GB there!

Yeah, I know my GPU isn’t a demon of speed, but until I installed recent update everything worked fine.

Just check under Preferences and make sure it doesn’t show Auto and your GPU is selected under Performance, AI Processor.

Just checked the settings. My GPU is correctly selected as AI processor.

I did some experiments today and it turns out there may be some memory-related issue. When I switch the ‘allowed memory consumption’ to low then everything works fine. Switching to medium or high results in processing errors.

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