So when to use AI Clear

Workflow is HDR, Blow Up, Cezanne, Smudge, AI Remix x 2, Vignette

Where in this workflow would you use AI Clear


Probably at the beginning to help eliminate any noise? This way less noise would be enhanced when using your other workflow edits?


John may be right, but what if you layer in other photos after you use AI clear? It seems to me that you have to apply it at the end of processing. Topaz has given very little instruction to this product in terms of when it is best used.

I do understand your point… if AI Clear does sharpen the image a touch, I have always heard… it’s best to sharpen an image as a last step.

Definitely agree with you that the team at Topaz should provide more info on AI Clear.

my suggestion is to start it at the beginning, then as you add adjustments try moving AI Clear down and see if that changes the result - I find when it changes the result a lot (for the better) then I leave it there

In yesterdays webinar, John Barclay advised against using AI Clear after other attachments as he says that the AI then gets confused. I am not sure that I find it gets too confused, but it definitely takes longer. You can also use DeNoise or Studio’s Reduce Noise anytime as you add layers to your image in Studio.


I would say, at the beginning, too… However, you can always add it at the beginning, then turn it off, and see what it looks like adding the effect a second time, at the end. Then you can keep the one you prefer, and remove the other.

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AI Clear should be used at the beginning of your workflow whenever possible. When processing in an HDR program, the noise pattern that AI clear looks for is processed as well.

This entire product was trained on Jpegs and Raw images directly out of camera without any processing, so that use case is going to give you the best result. It doesn’t mean that it won’t work on other images, or processed images, just that you’re not going to see best results.

Hope that helps, i’ve been working on the update, i’ll be working on additional content once we get this beta version feedback etc implemented. I appreciate patience, the entire company is very small and the only person available to work on training content is myself. Working as fast as I can on those, if anyone knows a reliable cloning facility i’d love to have another couple of me :smiley:


One the one hand, it would benefit Topaz Studio … One the other hand, IS the world ready??? :open_mouth:


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Thanks @HeathRobinson, this info was very helpful.[quote=“HeathRobinson, post:7, topic:6647”]
Working as fast as I can on those, if anyone knows a reliable cloning facility i’d love to have another couple of me :smiley:

I hear that AI Robotics has amazing possibilities :grinning:


I include Nik,'s HDR Pro in my workflow… but I don’t know what you mean about GigaPixel and “processing IN an HDR program”.