So slow with rendering!

Hello guys, I have a big trouble with rendering the videos. It taking ages and it´s stoping due to error.
Does anyone of you experiencing the same. What to do?

Please let us know more about your computer: the cpu and the graphics card, your memory… If it stops with a red cross error your cpu might not run stable.

Please find above the computer info and screen shot with error.

When you go with the mouse on the red X, what does it say?
Oh, and you should provide the logs. (663.7 KB)

Hello I´m attching Logs . Please let me know if my computer meet the system requirements? what may cause the issues?

Your GPU is too slow. Even my almost 6 years old RTX 2070 Super outperforms the Radeon Pro 5500 XT by far.

Your GPU is at the lowest end, yes. But it still should work - albeit painfully slow.

Does this happen with all videos or do some work? What format do your videos have?
Also, does this happen with all models or just some?
Did it ever work?

And, last not least: why that old OS version? The early Sonoma builds had some issues with TVAI. I’d suggest updating to the actual 14.3 release and then test again.

P.S. I just saw the resolution you’re trying to work with :face_with_spiral_eyes:
With 8k videos I guess this will never work, at least not on the GPU as this has only 8GB VRAM. You could eventually try to select CPU (since you do have lots of system RAM) but this will surely take several weeks if it works at all, that is.

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пытаетесь рендерить 8к да еще и в 50 fps, а это даже на топовых системах медленно, для вашей вообще бессмысленно.

I´m using Davinci Resolve to render videos in 4K and ´6K and the computer it´s working.
With Topaz I cannot generate nothing. To check the preview of 5 seconds ( resolution 4K) I need to wait 15 minutes . I was able to render 1 movie of 5 seconds with 4K and it took 3 hours… anything larger that 5 second is generating the errors.

Since when is Davinci Resolve an AI tool? This is a totally different task that’s much easier on the hardware-requirements.

This is a bit as if you said: I can play video games that use shading technique in 4k at 30 fps - why does raytracing one single image with Maxon Cinema take so long?

Anyways, your GPU is extremely underspecced for such heavy AI tasks, not only from Topaz but also the (AI-) competition. And no, we’re not talking about FinalCut Pro here…

I’m not here for opinions, I need solutions! I forked out cash for Topaz, and now it’s a total waste. Instead of chit-chat about video games, I need real tips from your team. Seriously?! I expect a certain standard from what I buy and the support I get. I couldn’t care less about AI versus regular movie-making programs. Waiting hours to render 20 seconds is a complete rip-off of money, time, and energy. And if you can’t fix it, then what’s the point?

This is just a users help users forum. If you need help by Topaz please write to As a temporary solution I would process some of your video files for you if you share the files and your preferred settings with me. :slight_smile:

This is not an opinion, but a fact. If you don’t understand that TVAI and Davinci Resolve are totally different things technically it’s not my fault.
Also if you think that a GPU from 2019 is still fast enough for what’s about the most computing intense field of todays software and also obviously didn’t inform you before you bought; there’s a fully working trial, you know :roll_eyes:

So: Sorry that we did try to help.
Maybe call support if you can get a refund.

I’m sure you can get your money back. You can run TVAI in trial mode. If you had done that, you would have known how it doesn’t run—all without paying a thing. You’re not the first person to blunderingly buy TVAI without adequate hardware.

Although I should have tested Topaz before making the purchase, I assumed that since my iMac meets the minimum requirements, everything would function properly. Upon contacting support, they informed me that their developers are actively communicating with Apple regarding an issue specific to certain Mac systems with AMD graphics cards. They are eagerly awaiting an update from Apple. In the meantime, they suggest that most users can achieve more stable processing speeds by enabling low-power mode from the application’s preferences menu. However, they are currently at a standstill without a fix from Apple at the operating system level. Do you believe an eGPU could resolve this issue?