Smooth Jazz

Sitting here listening to Pandora Smooth Jazz and - - - - - -


Very, very good composition. I can hear Jim Hall playing ( )
Well done!

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Can feel it … nicely done

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Pretty cool image

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Great composition

Very cool composition…love all the blending and colors!

Well done and very creative.

Thanks for the listen and all the comments.

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Creative, cool and fun …nice work.

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Great image and my kind of music too.

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Very cool. And if you are into Jazz, I recommend you check out World Class Jazz 24/7!

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Thanks for the link. I love smooth jazz. A great way to relax.

great image composition - we used to have a radio station in the UK called “Smooth Jazz”

Puuuuurdy kewl!

Nice work Michigander, and Peter has it right - just the way Jim Hall, Paul Desmond, Chet Baker, Ron Carter, Steve Gadd and Roland Hanna sounded.

(@Michigander, @Laundromat)


This is fabulous!

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