Smokey Morning

Howdy Folks,

I had posted a similar image while I was out in Colorado and didn’t have my LR or Topaz. Wanted to emphasize the haziness from the western fire smoke so kept the image reasonably soft, i.e. no clarity or sharpening. I started in LR and them moved into Studio. A little bit of adaptive exposure from Adjust. Used B&W Effects to create a luminosity mask to help develop the receding layers of mountains. Then applied the ReStyle Stark Winter Day preset for some muted colors. Thanks for looking.

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Love it!!!

Great job on the processing! The haziness and colors came out especially well!

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Perfect processing techniques applied with wonderful results.

yup - good one

Thank you very much @kenmo @KenKv @cre8art @el48tel

I don’t use ReStyle very often, but I really like the result I got from it on this image.

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Sometimes this “goto” can produce quite eye-opening results or turn “rubbish” into “merde”