Slow motion sound with slow motion video

I changed a video to slow motion and found that the sound is still fast even after I exported it.
It would be great if the software should match up the sound to the speed of the video when exporting.

also adjust the sound height accordingly!


Hi Sorry to rehash an older post but can you help re sound synch?

Scenario - A simple frame interpolation clip being slowed down with Apollo to 2x or 3x (or anything) converted straight to H264 mp4 format.
Video processes fine, sound remains at original speed.
In sound options there is only , copy/convert/none options in export settings, none of which stretch the sound file to match the new video speed/time.
Am I missing something or does TVAI not handle the sound part of the video file at all. COnvert seems to only change format.
Thank you

I dunno if video ai will make the audio fit the slow motion. :eyes:

As for now, TVAI does not have a feature for slowing down audio tracks (which is a feature that I am asking for in this post and really hope will be implemented in the near future). Until then, you would have to use a third party app to slow down the audio to match the video.

I’ll just throw this out here.
You can decide if that’s the sort of thing you want to figure out.
With it being a standard filter in ffmpeg, it would be very easy for Topaz to add to TVAI. It would be nice if they addressed most of the other issues people have brought up first.

Call me crazy or just plain wrong, but TVAI used to handle the sound file as well a few years back?
If ^^^^ indeed the case my poor brain says that when they introduced the copy/convert/none options in the audio section it disappeared?

Now I can handle this with DaVinci resolve but it adds yet another few steps to the general workflow which, to me, seems fundamentally unnecessary.