Slo Motion settings as percentage

It would be really great to add Slow Motion Settings as percentage-value in relation to the input FPS rather than only a multiplicator.

My actual use case: I need to process digitized super 8 films to improve the picture quality. The original films have been shot with 16 FPS, but have been digitized with 25 FPS.
I.E. I would need to define a Slow Motion Setting of 64% to create a proper and smooth output (regardless of the output framerate).

It would be great if that feature could be added.

Hint: My actual workaround is to create a 2x slomo (=50%) and in a second step speed up the resulting clip up again in an external video editing solution to reach the correct speed of 60%.

If you enter in .64 you should be able to set slow-mo to 64%

I tried entering various values. But manual entries are not accepted in the front end.
I can actually only use the pre-defined values from the list (I have the last Version Topaz Video: 3.3.2).

Hi, you have to write in the numbers;


yes, it will allways jump back to the former value (“none” or 2x, for example).
I am using a german localized windows, by the way.
I actually can enter the german version “0,64” or “.64”. But then I get an error during rending. So that will not work either.

By the way: If a SloMo value of 2x is 50% speed and if 4x is 25% speed,
then I assume, “.64” would not be the right value anyway…?
Shouldn’t it be something like 1.56 ? Anyway, it does not work on my system. Thanks for the effort.

How interesting, this must be a limitation of the keyboard. This does work well on my end (US standard keyboard) Could you share a screen recording? We do not want our users to suffer because they are not using US keyboards, that would be quite silly :frowning:

200% slow also means 50% of the original speed. If you want 64% of the original speed, the slow-mo factor would be 1/0.64 = 1.5625.

Sure, here is a quick screen recording I just created.

It that recording: After entering a value I press ENTER and then the entered value vanishes.
Simple integers like 2,3, or 4 I can enter without any problems. (I did not film that part).
But as the video show if I enter value somewere in between then the entered value will not be accepted by the frontend.
2023-07-06 Entering Slomo Value (289.1 KB)

Thank you! Can you also share the log from the Topaz Video AI session?

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support and attach the zip file to your reply.

I am sorry, but there are too much security relevant information in these logs. You know, we germans are very carefuly regarding privacy. :wink:

However I found this entry in the log:
2023-07-07 10-41-45.510 Thread: 1524 Warning qrc:/elements/XNonEditableComboBox.qml:53: TypeError: Value is undefined and could not be converted to an object
Maybe it has nothing do to with the issue, or maybe not. No idea.

Anyway, I just wanted to add, that also the operating system itself might have somnethin to do with the different GUI-behaviours. I am running WIN10 Pro on my machine. If you use Win11, for example. That might be a difference, too. Just a thought.

Conclusion: A simple field, where you can manually enter a percentage value (instead of the actual dropdown) might still be the best solution. Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

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This does seem to be related to your keyboard :frowning: Can you please copy and paste the “.” key?

There are no entries in the log regarding this. I assume it is a frontend only bug, which will never find the way into the backend.

No, this is not related to your log :slight_smile:

Please copy and paste the “.” symbol to input a custom decimal. This should allow you to do so.

It does not matter if I enter the “.” symbol via keyboard or if I copy and paste it. It does not work either way. Actually only integer values between 1 and 16 are accepted if you want so enter something manually. That’s it.
Did you watch my attached video earlier in this post? There you can see the effect.

Yes, I did watch your video. Thank you for filling me in, I appreciate it :slight_smile: