Show input filename when clicking or hovering on Output pane, Close all dialogs with ESC key, Fix Maximize/Restore Issue

Show input filename when clicking or hovering on Output pane

  • When processing many files at once, it would be nice to hover over the outputs (previews and exports) somewhere to show the filename to tell what has been processed so far.

Close all dialogs with ESC key (please!):

  • Remove Video
  • Close All Videos
  • Close All Sources
  • FFMPEG Command
  • Preferences
  • Check for updates
  • About
  • Presets

Fix Maximize/Restore Issues

  • It takes two clicks to restore window when clicking restore icon in top-right after it has been maximized
  • When double-clicking titlebar to change window state (restored/maximized) it also takes extra clicks
    • Double click titlebar (maximizes)
    • Double click titlebar
    • wait a few seconds
    • Double click titlebar (restores window)
    • Oddly, triple clicking the maximized window will restore it also
  • With windows taskbar set to auto-hide, cannot access the taskbar when window is maximized
  • Window frequently becomes completely invisible. I use remote desktop (RDP) and I’m not sure if it is related to connecting via RDP or what but very often I come back to my locked machine and the Video AI window cannot be easily restored, although I can tell it is processing and not hung because I can see things being written to disk.

Apply Preview Window Zoom and Pan to All Previews/Exports

  • I want to compare different settings and AI models with the same video easily. If the window zoom and pan were sync’d or locked together somehow, then I could easily click between previews and compare frames.
  • It would also be nice to sync preview playback or at least frame numbers and step between, comparing multiple previews to each other.