Shootout with Topaz VEAI: 3090 Suprim X | 2080 TI | Quadro RTX 5000

Hey guys!
During the last three months I did some heavy duty work on an MSI RTX 3090 Suprim X. I now published my insights on this card together with shootouts in Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI and Gigapixel AI comparing it to a 2080 TI and a Quadro RTX 5000.

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Cool video. Great work.
But I would like to tell you some of my perspectives in Nvidia And Quadro cards.
So overall, most people will find Geforce cards cheaper and as fast as the Quadro cards. And it is true. But why the price tag is 3 times higher than the same performance Geforce cards? ECC, VRAM, Software support and Reliability (most of the time).

  • ECC? I don’t even use it, but in some industries, it’s extremely important for their workloads. Without it, they would deal with crashes every day and it costs them money more than the money they pay for the Quadro cards.
  • VRAM? If you don’t do heavy rendering, then you won’t need it. However, I managed to use 40GB of VRAM for Adobe + Topaz Labs products at the same time. Or sometimes, I had to run 8 Gaia HQ instances overnight to catch up the deadline. And you already know how much VRAM for each Gaia instance (it’s around 5-6GB). Crazy right? But it’s capable of doing so. Of course you can do it with 2x RTX 3090, but first, you need to deal with power supply and electricity cost for them. Also, you have 2 “heaters” in your room. I would scream every day, lol. I had 2x RTX 3090 before, and now I tell myself not to run SLI every again.
  • Software support? You already know that Nvidia and CAD applications always favor Quadro in software support and drivers. You have an issue with your software? Instant fix. You have problems with your Geforce cards? Well, give us some time because we’re having a vacation in Hawaii, or tell Reddit users to fix it themselves. Just kidding, but you know what I mean. And some pro apps won’t work (or poorly work) if you don’t have a Quadro. It’s the main selling point.
  • Reliability? Here we go again. As you already see, Topaz users were having a lot of issues with the products. But me and some people I know using Quadro cards didn’t have the same issue, ever since I bought RTX A6000. No driver issue, no crashes, no other hardware issues whatsoever. This is what I choose for my workload. Imagine upscaling a 2 hour video and VEAI crashed when you almost finished it. Woops, nothing can help you mate. Unless you used TIFF or PNG output. But hey, if you don’t have an SSD or NVMe, then these options are not for you because you need around 400+ MB/s for 4K upscaling. and 1GB/s for 8K. That will tax your hard drive A LOT. I stopped using TIFF because it will degrade your SSD and NVMe really fast. How about HDD? Forget it, lol, that will slow your upscaling process by 80%. So, my main output is MOV right now. With the great reliability, I encounter 0 crash for 3 months now. Is Quadro worth for me? Absolutely yes. But maybe not for you. Make a decision before you buy, because your time and pro jobs might be more important than the money you spend. This made me think twice before buying the next GPU.

With all of these, I now understand why the price of Quadro cards are so high. It’s not meant for normal/light users.

And also, Topaz products are tested with Nvidia Studio drivers only. If you use Gaming ready drivers, you might have more crashes than on Studio drivers. If you want stable rendering, go with Studio drivers only. Don’t make a mistake based on the performance. For pros, reliability is way too important to not go with gaming products. I won’t pay 1/3 price for a headache figuring out why my app is crashing or not working properly.

If you asking yourself the same question, this is the answer.

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Igors Lab did disasemble the Suprim Cards and said they are suffer from Silicon bleeding of its vram cooling pads.

I did ask him if its that the case with the Pro Cards too and he replied that everything is ok with the Pro Cards.

The article is in German.

Yeah, I know this video.
Its only from what I can tell: no dripping here, stable output, moderate noise and temperatures and brute computing power since February.