Shiprock 2021 #1 and 2

Went to this site yesterday and used the drone to take some shots. Its hard to estimate distance and It was about four miles away on my first attempt. I then drove out a rough dirt road a few miles and got closer. Even then I had to fly about 6000 ft.


Cropped version is spectacular …

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Look closely at where two dirt roads cross and you can see an RV (tiny). Gives a sense of scale.

The last time I saw Shiprock was just before sunset from 80 miles away on the top of Moki Dugway above the Valley of the Gods.

Valley of the Gods is a cool place. I hope to go back one day when I have a 4 wheel drive SUV.

Nice. I am just getting geared up with a Mavic Min-2. I forgot what drone you said you were using?

I have the Mavic Air 2. Be sure to watch some youtube videos. In 2023 we will be required to attach a transponder to the drones. You should also download the Airmap app to your phone or tablet you will use .

Will the transponder be required only on the 250g+ (ie licensed) drones?

I’m not sure. It will for mine but you can find a few videos that may have the answer.

I really like the cropped version too… but I just did a snip (to play) with a less tightly cropped take of the top version and thought that worked well too! It emphasized the drama of the sky, captured the desert landscape but put less emphasis on the soil … IMO. BTW is it a Luminar or Ps sky replacement?


In my crop I wanted the vastness of the landscape to be a bit more prominent. The sky shall remain classified.

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Hee hee, re: the sky!