Shell Fossils for Sharon

This week @ShazzyCo posted a beautiful artwork of shells on a beach and I told here that they might become fossils in a few million years…

I was at the Perot Science Museum in Dallas this weekend and saw some beautiful shell fossils from 450 million years ago…

Processed with Topaz Studio and Impression

Processed with Topaz Adjust


Nice work Ken …if you squint your eyes, it can almost pass for a chocoholic chip cookie.


Thank you very much, @BobKramer!

that is just too funny :smile:

I agree with Bob! Throw in a few peanuts and youve got it.

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Nice work Ken.

I saw the cookie too

I have to admit that I did too. Must have been hungry when I saw it.

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Don’t leave me out…I saw a cookie too…mine had peanuts…

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Thank you very much for the very funny comments, @BobKramer, @XiaoLin, @ShazzyCo, @Kathy_9, and @ellemat2!

I can’t believe I did not see the resemblance while I was editing - they are some of my favorite cookies - but I was hungry, so maybe… :cookie:

Hey guys - I remember it being laid down