SHAVE ICE is more sophisticated than a Snow Cone


A favorite in Thailand as well, available everywhere from vendor carts …

Nice PP …

SHAVE ICE ---- ???

Also known as snow cones or ice balls. Crushed (shaved) ice topped with flavored syrup. Here’s a visual.

I can’t stop looking at this one, excellent work that you have done. Looks like an illustration

I agree with Ricci about the illustrative look to it… a very nice result.

Thanks Kathy - glad I’ve never had the misfortune

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Terry you are not missing anything, I would rather have an IPA

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Don’t knock it until you try it … this is how it is done in Asia …

Great post processing on this

Nicely processed :slight_smile:

yup @Ricci give me a REAL ice cream or glass of REAL beer or lager any time
@AiDon - yes have tried it a few years back when it was feebly branded as something else - not convinced

THANKS @Ricci. I’m working toward a style that is a bit more graphical, but relies only on Topza rather than Topaz plus Akvis software

Very nice style!

Thjanks @KenKv

Effect looks really great.