Sharpening with text in photo issues

If i have photos that I took which include text, such as signs and the like, i find the sharpening models user sharpen so much that the text becomes unreadable. While the text is small in the unprocessed image, I am still able to read it. The minute i use PAI to sharpen the photo, the text becomes unreadable. See image below. Image on the right is the unprocessed image. While not clear, it can still be read. With the sharpening model chosen by the AI, it is no longer legible. Some of my images chose remove noise, others choose sharpening. In either case, if a photo contains small text, it is unreadable after. This happens on other writing as well. if there is writing on ball caps for instance.

Is there a way to mitigate this or adjust the sharpening algorithm somehow?

There will be a Text recovery model coming soon. :grinning:

Can you help send us the original image so that we can make sure the new text function works for your case?

Or do you like to join our beta tester group and test the new ongoing-development functions.

I uploaded the photos to the link.

5DIV3987-Edited with Topaz PAI.jpg

Sure I would not mind joining the beta test group.